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We have a wide and varied range of fresh pies and pastries in every size and shape to suit every taste. From pies and traybakes to patisserie and cupcakes. From lemon to chocolate. You decide. We bake to order. Ensuring your customers enjoy the tastiest artisanal pastries.

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A passion for top-notch pastries for more than 25 years

Holeki is passionate about fresh and frozen pastry. We have been making ready-to-eat pies and pastries of the highest artisanal quality for more than 25 years. Made in Belgium, enjoyed far beyond our borders.

Frozen pastries that melt in your mouth

Just like our fresh pastries, our frozen products are also ready to serve. After thawing they will provide your customers with an unrivalled taste experience. Fresh-frozen pastry saves staffing and energy costs and provides more control over the end product.

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our recipe for success

  • A varied range tailored to you
  • Fresh and frozen pastries
  • Fast and flexible service
  • More than 25 years’ knowhow and experience
  • National and international delivery (frozen)

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Our speciality: pastries to order

Work in foodservice, retail, aviation or another industry and need a regular supply of pastries? Single-servings, round pies, traybakes or cupcakes in an original format? Packaged as your own brand or under a private label? We have them all. We supply the pastries you need, baked and cut to size.

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The highest quality all round

Top notch quality is a hallmark of our service. We control and manage every step in the production process based on our rigorous HACCP principles. Our constant pursuit of quality has been recognised with IFS higher level, UTZ, ISO 22000 and other certificates.


This is a mandatory certification mark proving that your product complies with the technical regulations of the Eurasian Customs Union.


This is certification that logistics chains use certified sustainable palm oil or palm oil derivatives under the RSPO Supply Chain Certification Systems standard.


UTZ is a sustainable farming certification program and a label covering tropical produce.

Made with Belgian chocolate

This certificate provides assurance that our chocolate is sourced from Belgium.

Finest from Belgium

14 companies, each a specialist in its gastronomic field, have joined forces to bring you the very best. They offer a selection of delicious delicacies and first-rate ingredients. Our tasty, top-notch products are sure to arouse your customers’ senses.