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What can we offer you? Something for everyone. We have continually enhanced and updated our product range since our beginnings in 1996. Today Holeki has a wide and varied range of fresh and frozen pies and pastries in every size and shape to suit every taste.

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We offer a full range of patisserie products, round pies and traybakes, cut into portions if desired. Prefer single-serving pies, mini-pastries or large pies for parties? We can bake anything to order. Pies baked to special recipes. Pastries with a specific weight or in a special size. Individually packaged if required. Our bakery can respond quickly and flexibly to any order.

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Small but beautifully formed. Our ready-to-serve finger-food pies are packed with flavour.

Choose from apple pie, matten cake, tarte au riz, frangipane, flan bresilienne, fondant chocolate pastry, coconut cream pastry, forest fruit cake, apple & caramel cake and more.

Single-serving pastries

A practical hand-size serving. Delicious. A wide range. No one can resist our single-serving pastries.

Choose from matten cake, frangipane, tarte au riz, coconut cream pastry, apple pie, cherry pie, apple cake, apricot cake, flan bresilienne and more.


In a single piece or cut into portions. Fresh or frozen. Our traybakes remain as popular as ever.

Choose from frangipane, apple cake, apple & almond cake, tarte au riz, cherry pie, chocolate & pear pie, cherry cake, forest fruit cake with nut mix, carrot cake, banana cake, apple caramel and more.

Round pies

Sliced, unsliced or frozen and available in the finest flavours. Delicious!

Choose from frangipane, apple crumble, tarte au riz, apple caramel pie, chocolate mousse cake, flan bresilienne, rhubarb pie, cherry pie, cheesecake, custard tart, sugar pie, lemon meringue and more.


Our patisserie is made from the finest ingredients to ensure the very best taste experience. We offer a wide choice for every occasion and palate. Eat from the hand or off a plate.

Choose from eclair, Berliner, tompouce, cream horn and more.

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If you’re looking for a particular pastry or pie, we are sure to be able to respond by drawing on more than 25 years’ experience.

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