What can we do for you?

Holeki is a family business with a huge passion for baking and for nature. Our customers can count on an honest artisanal product and personal service. Explore the ingredients of our recipe for success here.

A passion for

baking and nature

As a semi-industrial wholesale bakery we invest fully in sustainable artisanal production. The efficient use of strictly selected ingredients, an innovative water recovery system and consumption of renewable energy minimise our environmental impact and enable us to take our baking to the next level.


Did you know?

We are passionate about where we source our ingredients. We work with reliable suppliers and guarantee complete traceability.

Passion for customers

Flexibility and customer focus are ingrained in our mindset. We work hard every day to find a personalised solution that meets the demands of every customer. Whatever your industry (aviation, retail, foodservice…), we are dedicated to serving up the very best result. That friendly, personal yet professional service is one of our greatest strengths – just ask our satisfied customers around the world.


" We make clear agreements, we are transparent in everything we do and we guarantee on-time delivery every time. "


varied range

We have a wide variety of fresh and frozen pies and pastries for every target group, which can be adapted and packaged to suit the customer’s wishes. You decide. We bake and package to order.

  • Mini-pastries
  • Single-serving pastries
  • Traybakes
  • Round pastries
  • Patisserie

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